Free Conference Call Services – A Better Alternative For You?

Free Conference Call is a unique website dedicated in providing free conference calling service to its registered members. If you too want to avail of this wonderful facility then log on to the site and subscribe to it. You will be provided with all the facilities such as multi-line conferencing, automated attendant, transcription, etc. The website is operated by GoToMeeting, a provider of free conference calling services.

Free Conference Call has a lot of advanced features that can help you make the most out of your free conference call. For instance, you can record and play audio conferences even if you are not using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The iPad audio conference recorder is specifically designed for the sole purpose of making free conference call to those who are iPad certified. The recorded audio conference will be delivered to your IPod, iPhone or iPAQ as mp3 audio files.

You can also share your presentation slides or screen shots through free conference call with those participants who are not part of your limited time offer. The participants can just need to download the free software offered in the site to give a presentation. By using the same application, they can also share their screen shots. Similarly, they can share any other content with their participants. This allows them to share their valuable information with others.

You can also take advantage of the one, thousand callers discount offers by Free Conference Call. To avail this discount offer, you need to subscribe to one, thousand callers for one year. There is no obligation to avail this service. It is also available for short period like one week or thirty days. This free conference call service has been specially designed for students, professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone who want to make cheap international conference calls at a faster speed without any hidden fees. Visit to learn more about these services.

You must be wondering how to make conference calls for a price less than $20. This is possible only if you choose a reputable, quality and reliable provider. There are many providers available at different rates. You should choose a provider who offers free conference calls as a basic option. Once you sign up for the service, you can enjoy unlimited conference calls for a limited time offer period.

You have to decide whether to use the free calling feature or the paid plans offered by these companies. If you prefer free calling features, you can choose to use conference calling software. The software provided by these companies enables you to make free calling while restricting or deleting some of the features that are not needed. You should choose a conferencing package based on the number of users you expect to join the conference call. Knowledge is power and so you would like to top up what you have learned in this article at

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